Keeping word, no matter how long it takes aka. ZFS DEVICE REMOVAL

For everyone who didn’t attend the Oracle Solaris Tech Day in Vienna for what so ever reason: you missed the full-filling of one of the oldest myths and at the same time by far most demanded feature in Solaris and ZFS history. (at least that what it felt like).

At the Oracle Solaris Tech Day in Vienna the attendees were able and allowed to witness the public world premiere the removal of an device of a Oracle Solaris zfs pool.
And don’t tell me you laugh or don’t care. It might be late and not as urgent as it used to be but this enhancement is showing the enormous dedication to the customers and communities demand and request. I love enhancements!!! And this in particular. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Finally this is done and the world can happily move on and remove devices as the need and want.

Just wait for the soon to come refresh of the Solaris 11.4 Beta build.

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