New Compliance Report Design

Oracle just released the beta version of Solaris 11.3 which means we finally get to use new features and improvements.

If you already use Solaris compliance you will run right into one of the improvements that come with the latest release. A new design for the html report. In case you haven’t used compliance yet (you should definately take a look) or just don’t remember what a html compliance report looked like with Solaris 11.2 here is a small example.


Quiet static besides the links to the details of each check.
With Solaris 11.3 bootstrap is used to give the html reports a new look and feel. And it is great! Here is an example of the new design.


Besides the fresh look the major improvement that comes with bootstrap is flexibility. Whenever you wanted to see only passed or failed checks you ran “compliance report -s …” twice. One report for passed and one for failed checks in your report. Now you just need one report that includes all the checks and you choose what kind of result will be visible. Multiple selections are possible.


As you can see you can also search for certain rules/checks. Which is quiet handy.
Moreover an enhanced grouping of the results is included now too. All in all the new design gives the user a better overview of the results and additional information.

Solaris 11.3 compliance has way more than just this to offer but it’s the small changes that matter too.

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